4 Benefits of Custom Web Development You will definitely want to try

4 Benefits of Custom Web Development You will definitely want to try

Website design & development today is an advantage that is almost mandatory for everyone who is in business. Currently, on the market, there are many website design services with many different implementations.

There are units that supply according to the available templates to speed up the implementation process and minimize costs. Besides, there are also agencies like One Pixel Media, which make the website from a blank page and take the user as the foundation.

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In fact, there is no right or wrong way, but we should choose the form to suit the needs of users in each different case. Here are the 4 benefits that you get when you design in the form of a website design that does not follow a default template.

Custom Website Design & Development: TOP 4 Core Benefits that are worth Your Experience

Design your website in sync with your brand

The website is similar to the brand’s showroom, but the difference is that the website is located in cyberspace. It’s not just about putting your brand’s logo on top, but it also has to be presented in the most “slick” way possible to optimize the customer and user experience. Good website design is not only about being beautiful but also needs to have other factors to reproduce your products:

  1. The service style corresponds to the actual product viewing experience
  2. Counselors in accordance with the presentation of information
  3. Product images correspond to product representations

In addition to boosting sales, a website also nurtures your brand.

Design & Development a search engine friendly website

Google always wanted users to access information faster and more accurately, so Schema and Micro Format were born. These elements require the programmer to define with an HTML Attribute, so coding everything from scratch helps to do it more accurately.

URL and Bread Crumb are also factors that help your website have significant plus points in the eyes of Google. The website does not follow the template form, helping to build layers and layers of content and pages more scientifically, making navigation and information collection from Google’s Bot more effective.

Custom Web design focused on user experience

User experience needs to be in sync with the purchase experience or decision to use the service. Each business has a different sales philosophy and a different call to action. To achieve the optimal effect, we need to study the user’s web usage behavior and coordinate with the sales philosophy of each brand to turn it into the interface of the website. Of course, we can only do that when these website designs are created by ourselves.

Your brand deserves a unique brand identity. Every customer that steps on your website is an opportunity that your brand needs to take advantage of to save your image in the minds of users. With a unique design, not only the interface but also the layout will help users impress and remember your brand longer.

Scalability in custom web design

When using templates, you have to work with what you have and try to make the most of it, which becomes a huge barrier to endless ideas. If we go from the content and optimize the interface for the content, it will improve the value of the content more. At this time, the image and text will complement each other, thereby enhancing the value of the website.

The difference between website design and development quotes

In order to implement a methodical website, OnePixelMedia’s team of creators has to go through very elaborate stages to ensure that the website reaches the end-user to promote all its capabilities and uses. A website is made to go through the following main steps:

  • Learn about the market and design competitors’ websites
  • Identify the target group that uses the website and compose a scenario to use the website
  • Makeup content and sitemap for the website based on the information from the above information
  • Compilation of Content Flow for each page
  • Draw wireframes for content teams- Design the homepage
  • Write a Design Guideline so that the following pages strictly adhere to one design orientation
  • Design the remaining pages
  • Programming the interface for the website
  • Programming features for websites
  • Compare website design and interface
  • Check for errors on the website

At One Pixel Media, we always use uat testing which is User Acceptance Testing (UAT) to verify the quality of the website before moving into the production or launch phase.

If we omit some of the above steps, we can save time and money, but sometimes can make the website limited in its own capabilities. So check with the agency carefully the stages of a website implementation and you can see the true value hidden behind a quote.

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