What is Off-page SEO? Most Effective Off Page SEO Technique Guide

What is Off-page SEO? Effective Off Page SEO Technique Guide

I understand that when you are just starting to learn about SEO, you will face an endless amount of knowledge on the internet, and you will not know which one is the best suit for you. Today, I will help you find out exactly what you need to know about Offpage SEO in 2022 and in the near future.

Now, let’s learn more about Offpage SEO as well as the most effective Offpage SEO techniques!

What is Off-page SEO?

Offpage SEO is a very important step in the process of doing SEO, spending your resources on Offpage SEO optimization will help your website get more traffic and help the website to get to the top of the Google Search Result page more easily.

Off-page SEO is a collection of tips to optimize factors outside the website, including link building (Link Building), marketing on Social Media channels, Social Media Bookmarking, … to help improve website rankings on the link page. search engine results, bringing in more traffic.

In all 3 important factors in Offpage SEO (Link Building, Social Media Marketing, Social Media Bookmarking) and other influencing factors, Link Building (Offpage SEO Backlinks) is the most important factor.

This factor has the most influence on the ranking of your keywords and website in search engines. And this is also the part I will cover the most in this article.

These backlinks act as a vote for the blog/website content. The more quality votes, the more likely your website is to rank high in search results.

The process of building and finding backlinks is called Link Building.

Again for me, Link Building is really important to get the website to rank high. Because search engines (here Google) are extremely interested in the quantity and quality of backlinks on the internet pointing to websites.

Let me give you an example: If your website is a candidate for the first place in a contest; then these backlinks are votes for you to achieve that position.

Google is constantly updating it hour by minute to decide which sites deserve the best positions in the search results. Specifically, they will crawl the internet to find the number of backlinks to your website and index them, then use algorithms to determine the results.

Google Page Rank is the algorithm for assessing the value of a page based on the number and quality of the pages linking to it.

If you have 100 backlinks pointing back to the website on the topic “ How to lose weight ” from 100 extremely reputable websites in the field of Fitness. When Google visits these reputable websites, it will know that these websites have backlinks to your website, and it understands that your website has very useful content, bringing value to readers. As a result, the website will achieve high rankings in the search results!

100 Backlinks here are like 100 extremely trusted people voting for you.

Now you understand the importance of backlinks! It’s time for you to understand more about what creates a quality backlink, sustainable over time, and of course, Google also loves it. Please continue to follow the article!

A quality backlink with the following attributes will be considered the best in the eyes of internet search engines. And they have the maximum impact on the process of off-page SEO optimization.

  1. Hard to find backlinks
  2. Search backlinks and build backlinks
  3. The connection comes from the domain
  4. Relating to specific post words
  5. Relationships in Topical Trust Flow
  6. Contextual Links
  7. Backlinks have high DR
  8. Have Outbound Links in the same field
  9. Quality content
  10. Diversity in IP
  11. Backlinks attract a lot of traffic
  12. Use Anchor Text Effectively

Those are all 12 factors that you need to know to create a quality backlink. To know more about 12 factors in detail, please refer to the article “ What are backlinks ? 12 foundations in link building”.

Also, don’t forget to check for dirty backlinks pointing to your website. This helps your website avoid being negatively affected, or even penalized by Google.

Best Off-Page SEO Techniques 2022

In the above section, I have shared with you the basic factors to be able to build quality backlinks. Within the scope of this chapter, I will reveal to you 9 core Offpage SEO techniques that will bring unexpected effects to your website.

After you understand the fundamentals of backlink building as well as the factors to create quality backlinks, what you need to know now will be starting a detailed SEO plan for building quality links.

There are many ways to create links. Specifically, there are more than 101 ways to build backlinks, and all of them work. But effective or not will depend a lot on your understanding and the way you use them.

In other words, I’m going to share with you how I’ve found it to be really effective, as well as specific content/videos that share each of them, so you can start your journey easier. Let’s get started!

1. Social Profile/Social Bookmark & ​​Citation

These types of backlinks you can easily create, on social networking sites. It’s as easy as signing up for an account on Facebook/Instagram,…

However, you need to keep in mind that it is very important to create an account, profile for your blog or business websites on social networks so that you can easily connect with your users and visitors.

Social Bookmarking is known as an online service that allows users to perform actions such as: adding, annotating, editing, and sharing bookmarks of web documents.

Social Bookmarking isn’t as popular as it once was, but it’s still a great way to get traffic to your sites. Depending on the location, you can find sites like reddit.com, stumbleupon.com, scoop.it and delicious.com, etc. to promote your content.

If you want to implement Social Bookmarking, I will guide you through the very simple steps as follows:

  • Step 1: Register: First, you need to register on the Social Bookmark pages. Choose sites with high traffic.
  • Step 2: Submit the article address. The next thing you need to do is enter the URL, title, description, tag and then Submit. Just like that, your blog post has been marked on the Social Bookmark already.

If the content of your post is really engaging and great, it will be shared widely. Thus increasing your chances of ranking better in search results.

2. IFTTT – Automating backlinks in Offpage SEO

A free tool to help you automate your work in life (including daily life) and more specifically in SEO is one of the extremely effective Offpage SEO techniques, which is IFTTT (If This Then). That).

Because of its benefits, many SEOers, including me, apply it in automating a series of quality backlinks to the website. You just need to set up the formula and from then on, every time you publish a new article, you will easily have dozens of reputable backlinks.

Backlink Blog Comment is simply that you leave a comment introducing one of your articles on a certain blog.

To comment on a blog post, you need to provide some information such as your Name, Comment content, and Email address. Some blog sites may ask you to log in to Facebook.

When commenting, please leave a link to your website. This is a simple, effective and fast way for us to get backlinks.

4. Forum

You can exploit a rich source of backlinks from forums. There are a few ways for you to get backlinks from the forum such as: to link articles, link in comments, etc. However, to get a quality backlink source you must choose reputable forums.

Finding forums is not too difficult, you just need to search on Google for the topic you want to find plus the word “forum” and you will have a series of desired results.

5. PBN – Private Blog Network

PBN is probably my favorite part of the whole linking approach. Currently, it is the main method that I apply link building for SEO projects because of its effectiveness.

PBN – Private Blog Network
PBN – Private Blog Network

On the other hand, to create a PBN system you need to spend quite a bit of your “budget”. Of course, the effect it gives you is a lot. Although it is said to cost a budget, it is all related to your financial and investment problems.

Note: PBNs are not easy to build or apply to SEO, it takes time and expertise to implement. If you have strong resources and want to accelerate website rankings by PBN, you can consider using One Pixel Media’s SEO service!

Rated as the best type of backlink, newspaper backlinks bring a lot of value to your website. Currently, this backlink is chosen by a large number of businesses.

Although the cost of backlinks is quite expensive, it will help your business increase brand awareness, increase brand coverage, gain user trust, and assert prestige and position. Going back to the newspaper also helps you improve website rankings more easily.

Some famous newspaper sites that you can refer to when you want to go backlinks such as: MarketWatch, Fox, CBC,…

7. Guest Post

You can think of a guest post as when you post an article by another website owner on your website. And you can do the same on their website. This is considered a form of exchange or else you can receive a certain payment from the website owner.

These articles often link back to the main page and often have specific information about the author. This is also an effective form of linking that you can refer to.

Some benefits of guest posting:

  • Build a sustainable backlink
  • Improve the reputation of the website
  • Build community relationships between website owners
  • Building and expanding the brand to customers

8. Content Syndication

Content Syndication is when one or more 3rd party websites post exactly the same content like the original site – like your business. This content can be the entire article, or a short rewritten paragraph or excerpt. The third-party will record the source they cite such as: “Original article from ABC site” or “reference source: ABC” or they can also leave a link to the original article.

Are you worried: Is this really okay, will Google give a penalty for your website? Don’t worry because Google can understand which is the original. Not only that, Google also encourages you to do this. On the contrary, if another website also does this method with your website, you are getting a great source of backlinks!

9. Building web 2.0

Building 2.0 sites is also a great way to build links. These aggregators not only give you a platform to build quality content for users, but also help you develop a sustainable backlink system.

You can refer to some popular quality web 2.0 platforms that One Pixel Media SEO team is currently using such as:

With the Link Intersect method, you will see how your competitors are spreading backlinks. Which page is linking to the competitor’s website? This is where Link Intersect comes into play.

Your competitors can convince other sites to allow you to contribute content, you can also do it to get more backlinks for your site. It also means that you will have to provide better quality content than your competition.

11. Lead Magnet

This method is often used by marketers and SEOers as a “bait” to send to potential leads/buyers for the purpose of exchange. When looking through the information and interested, these leads will leave their information such as: name, email, phone number, or other contact information requested.

Lead Magnet comes in many different forms such as: E-books, Webinars, Mini courses, Toolkits, Calculators, Infographics…

Most Effective Offpage SEO Guide

To build an effective Offpage SEO campaign, you first need to optimize Onpage SEO very well, choose the right keywords, and determine the right Anchor Text to create backlinks…. I will systematize the main points you need to grasp for effective Offpage SEO.

Now you have a “treasure of knowledge” from basic to advanced about creating links. Now, let’s start using SEO knowledge (especially Offpage SEO like Link Building, Social Signals/Social Bookmarking) to achieve the highest efficiency.

There are 2 main parts I want to mention which are:

  1. Link Model
  2. Using Anchor Text

determine the right Anchor Text to create backlinks…. Here, I will systematize the main points you need to grasp for effective Offpage SEO.

It is a quite elaborate backlink-building tactic and requires a large investment of time. But its impact on improving rankings is well worth the effort.

Example image of Offpage SEO model with pyramid link
An example image of Offpage SEO with a pyramid link model

Depending on the model, their influence will be different. But there are two most popular models today: Domain Authority Stacking and Pyramid Model.

Unfortunately, currently in Vietnam, no one clearly shares about Domain Authority Stacking, but the most popular model is the Pyramid model. Below are reference sources for the satellite system & Pyramid model.

Breakthrough with Anchor Text in Offpage SEO

Anchor Text is extremely important. It’s what distinguishes someone who’s good at SEO from someone who’s great at SEO. This is even more true when it comes to the global market.

Anchor Text is the content where the user clicks will go to a hyperlink
Anchor Text is the content where the user clicks will go to a hyperlink

Some notes when writing Anchor Text that you need to keep in mind:

  • Do not write Anchor Text content that is too general like: click here, here.
  • Limit repeated use of an anchor text.

I have a very detailed article about Anchor Text, you can refer to it now to better understand this element!

Bottom line

Offpage SEO is an important technique that requires you to invest time and search every day to perfect yourself. The tips used to optimize factors such as link building (link building), marketing … have all been shared by me above. Please read carefully and optimize for your website.

Above are my shares about Offpage SEO, and some effective Offpage SEO techniques, I hope this article can help you complete the missing “pieces” in your Offpage SEO implementation process.

And don’t forget that Onpage SEO is also an important factor while you trying to rank your website on Search Engines.


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