5 examples of AI in Digital Marketing

Ứng Dụng AI Vào Marketing Online năm 2023

In today’s business world, AI (Artificial Intelligence) is becoming an indispensable technology.

In particular, in the field of online marketing, AI can help companies save time and costs, as well as improve the effectiveness of marketing campaigns.

To help companies better understand how to use AI in online marketing, One Pixel Media will delve deeper into 5 ways AI can improve online marketing effectiveness in this article.

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What is AI?

AI (Artificial Intelligence) is a branch of computer science with the goal of creating computer systems that can simulate or replace human activities, such as learning, reasoning, searching, performing, and interacting with users.

AI can be divided into two main types: action-generating AI and emotion-generating AI.

Action-generating AI is AI that has the ability to automate common tasks, such as checking email, searching for information on the internet, and controlling devices.

Emotion-generating AI is AI that has the ability to simulate human emotions, such as counseling, assistance, and support.

Currently, the popular AI tool ChatGPT is the only tool that supports both of these types.

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What is AI Marketing?

AI Marketing is the use of AI technology in the marketing field.

AI can help companies automate and improve the efficiency of marketing activities by using machine learning algorithms, deep learning, and other data analysis tools.

AI Marketing can help companies manage and analyze customer data, automate advertising, generate targeted customer content, and more.

The relationship between AI and Online Marketing In today’s world, AI technology is becoming increasingly important in business fields, and online marketing is one of them.

The combination of AI and online marketing allows companies to leverage the power of AI to improve the efficiency of online marketing activities.

AI can help companies analyze customer data, automate advertising, generate targeted customer content, and support customers. This helps companies focus on potential customers, increase click-through rates and conversion rates, and help companies increase revenue and profits.

5 Great Applications of AI in Online Marketing

Using AI to manage and analyze customer data:

AI can help companies manage and analyze customer data through tools such as Big data, machine learning, or other data analysis tools.

Companies can use AI to analyze data on customer purchase history, needs, preferences, social network activities, and related information to find out customer needs and preferences, perform customer segmentation and create marketing campaigns that are suitable for each customer group.

Using AI to automate advertising:

AI can use algorithms such as machine learning, and deep learning to automate advertising management.

AI can support the search and selection of the most suitable advertising for customers based on data on their needs, preferences, and purchase history.

AI can also help automatically adjust the priority and cost of advertising for each customer and each moment, increasing click-through rates and conversion rates.

Using AI to create diverse content and target customer targets:

AI can help create diverse content and target customer targets based on data on their needs, preferences, and purchase history.

AI can create articles, videos, and images automatically, helping companies increase the effectiveness of marketing campaigns by sending the right content to the right audience.

Using AI to support customers: AI can help companies support customers by using chatbots or other automated support tools.

This can help companies save time and costs in customer support, and also help companies find out customers’ needs and preferences.

Chatbots can help customers find information about products or services, resolve issues, and support customers during the shopping process.

Using AI to search for potential customers:

AI can help companies search for potential customers by using data analysis tools and machine learning.

This can help companies find new and potential customers, and also help companies focus on customers who are likely to make more purchases.

Notes on Applying AI in Online Marketing When applying AI in Online Marketing, there are some important considerations that companies need to take note of:

  1. Data: Data is the foundation of AI, therefore companies need to have a complete and accurate database to support the training and optimization of AI algorithms.
  2. Choose the right type of AI: Companies need to choose the right type of AI that suits their needs, such as using AI to create actions or AI to create emotions.
  3. Focus on the customer: AI can help companies focus on the customer and find out their needs, but companies need to always keep in mind that customers are the center of marketing activities and need to always respect their privacy.
  4. Check and optimize: Companies need to check and optimize AI algorithms to ensure accuracy and effectiveness of the results.
  5. Select the right team: Companies need to select a team with experience and knowledge in AI to support and manage AI activities.
  6. Respect Regulations: Companies need to respect regulations related to privacy and data security when using AI in online marketing activities.


AI is a cutting-edge technology and essential in the business world today, especially in the field of online marketing.

Using AI in managing and analyzing data, automating advertising, creating content, and supporting customers, finding potential customers, can all help companies save time and improve the effectiveness of marketing campaigns.

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